Is it possible for my virtual assistant to place outgoing calls on my behalf?

Are you interested in hiring a virtual assistant who can make outgoing calls for you, using a local phone number with your preferred area code?

We offer affordable virtual assistants and professionals who can make outbound calls on your behalf, and they come equipped with a local phone number of your choosing!

How virtual assistants handle your outgoing calls The virtual assistant you select can work either as a dedicated assistant or as part of a shared team for your business. This means you have the flexibility to determine the tasks you want your virtual assistant to handle. You will also be responsible for overseeing their work, granting you complete control over their actions and including the option for them to make outbound calls. Setting up your assistant to make outgoing calls While the following steps are our recommended approach, you have the freedom to customize them based on your preferences regarding tools, systems, and processes.

1. We utilize software that enables your assistants to make outgoing calls.

  • This includes Voice over IP (VoIP) systems that allow your assistants to make calls to the United States or Canada using their computers.
  • Consider options such as Skype, Google Voice, or explore the various methods available for making free phone calls.

2. Obtain a local phone number for making outgoing calls.

  • This ensures that your clients perceive the calls as local within the US/Canada, rather than originating from Latin America.
  • Typically, you can choose a paid or free phone number with a local area code to use with Skype or Google Voice.
  • Assistants in Latin America can make calls from their computers while masking their phone ID numbers, making it appear as though they are calling from a local number.

3. Familiarize yourself with the technology and calling systems you have chosen.

  • Do not expect your assistant to be familiar with the specific systems you have subscribed to. They may or may not have prior experience with the chosen systems, but they are willing to learn. However, you should first familiarize yourself with these systems so that you can teach your assistant how to use them.
  • If you lack the time to learn, it is not an issue. Your assistant can dedicate work hours to learning how to use the system you have selected. Keep in mind that there will be a learning curve, so patience is required. Alternatively, you can learn yourself and save your assistant the need for additional training.
  • Remember that Virtual Latinos’ assistants do not operate from a call center, so each assistant may have different standards and communication methods when interacting with the outside world.

4. Provide training to your virtual assistant on making outgoing calls.

  • Once you have familiarized yourself with the outbound call software and systems, it is time to instruct your assistant on their usage.
  • Conduct a few test calls to ensure that the calls function as expected.
  • Verify call quality, confirm that the desired phone number appears on the caller ID, and ensure an overall positive call experience.

5. Establish a process for your virtual assistant to follow when making outgoing calls.

  • Every entrepreneur, business, or professional has their own approach to making outbound calls. Some focus on sales, while others contact existing clients or leads who have expressed interest in their products or services.
  • The best way to create a process is to document it. Open a Google Drive or Word document and spend some time outlining an operating procedure or a step-by-step guide for your virtual assistant to follow when making calls on your behalf.
  • Learn about the six best practices for a successful outbound call strategy.